Introduction to VendorPanel

Watch our 15 minute webinar on our award winning Source-to-Contract platform.

Supplier Success Webinar: How to optimise your account for success

VendorPanel is used by hundreds of public and private sector organisations across Australia to engage Suppliers in compliant and efficient RFQ and Tender processes. Over 4 billion is posted on the platform annually, and this is growing rapidly as more organisations choose to use VendorPanel to manage their procurement. 

This is a recording of our weekly webinar for Suppliers. It provides an overview of the platform and how it's used to improve procurement outcomes before diving into a demo to show how to register as a Supplier on the public Marketplace and set up your account for success.

Watch the full webinar or skip ahead to the sections that most interest you:

Welcome & agenda :: Overview of VendorPanel :: How VendorPanel connects buyers with suppliers :: Does my company already have an account?

How to register :: Logging in for the first time :: Navigating your dashboard :: Colleague account access :: Declining to respond :: Responding to RFQs :: Viewing public Tenders :: Changing your regions of service :: Uploading critical documents :: Adding colleagues :: Tailoring your profile by list :: Adjusting your categories :: Where to get help

Key takeaways :: Additional benefits for Suppliers :: VendorPanel Mobile

All Local Government Associations (LGAs) in Australia use VendorPanel to procure from their prequalified supplier lists. Many other public and private organisations use the platform similarly, and increasingly our clients are using the public Marketplace to discover local suppliers and include them in their RFQs. 

Suppliers on VendorPanel can therefore be registered on multiple supplier lists managed by different organisations. It is best practise for a company to have one primary account ('Vendor Administrator') and add 'Colleagues' to help them manage Requests. This way the Vendor Administrator has visibility across all opportunities so nothing gets missed. 

Many businesses have multiple accounts on VendorPanel, if you're one of them then reach out to us at and we'll help you consolidate to a single account.

Questions & Answers

Has VendorPanel ever been known by any other name? No, however some organisations use the platform though refer to it by another name. For example WALGA (WA Local Government Association) use the platform to manage their prequalified supplier lists and call it eQuotes. 

What if a supplier has a head office in Melbourne but provides their products and services Australia wide? When you add invite a colleague to one of your supplier lists they will set up their own account, including their address. If, for example, the address added is in Brisbane CBD your company will appear as a supplier in this region. 

Is there a maximum number of colleagues that can be added to list? No, there isn't.

If you are on a supplier list with another colleague and you decline an invitation, can the colleague still access that tender? Yes, they can and they can still respond to the Request. So, for example, you could have 5 Colleagues on a list and they will all receive tenders or RFQs posted to that list. If one person declines to respond, they will no longer receive notifications regarding that opportunity. Other colleagues can still respond to the Request and the Vendor Administrator will be able to see if there is a response submitted or in draft.

What if your products / services are not listed as a category on Marketplace? We receive suggestions for new categories and review these regularly. Our category structure evolves accordingly so please submit any suggestions via

We sell very specialised IT tools which are not listed on your site. How can we only receive relevant RFQs? Buyers can search and identify suppliers using keywords that appear in your supplier profile, so be as descriptive as possible with regards to your capability, expertise and products.

How do I see what my company looks like to buyers? If you click on 'Supplier lists you manage' from your dashboard there is the option to 'Preview details' - this brings up your profile as it is displayed to buyers. 

Do your clients get training on how to manage the supplier lists they select to get quotes? Yes, we invest heavily in Customer Success to assist with the continual improvement of buyer knowledge and capability on the platform.

To register to the public Marketplace visit