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Catch up on what we covered in our interactive product showcase centred around people, processes and positive impact.

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Thanks for registering for our virtual event on People-Centred Procurement: Powerful Solutions for Positive Impact.

This event touched on the reasons why you should place your people at the centre of your procurement function to help achieve positive impact for your staff and organisation.

Our three breakout sessions shed light on topical industry subjects and discussed:

  • How to Enable 'Accidental Compliance'
  • Buying for Impact
  • Contract Management Innovations 

If you would like to get up to speed on what we covered, you can view the breakout session recordings below. 

Breakout room #1: Enabling 'Accidental Compliance'

Join Dan Hillier, Sales Director, as he discusses how having digital solutions can deliver accidental compliance while decreasing procurement risk and staff workloads.

Or read our Policy Guide functionality checklist. 

Breakout room #2: Buying for Impact

Liz Phelan, Product Operations Manager, explores why social procurement is on the rise and highlights practical solutions on how organisations can improve social impact.

And explore our overview video for our Social Impact Badges.

Breakout room #3: Contract Management Innovations

Dale Burgess, Sales Director, explores why organisations should be moving away from manual processes and siloed systems when it comes to effective contract management.

Or read our module overview of Advanced Contract Management.